About Us 

Emily Catalano, owner

As a former newspaper and television reporter, Emily Catalano spent years getting pitched story ideas by public relations professionals – so she knows what works, and what doesn’t. After a career that took her from Pittsburgh to North Dakota and far-reaching locales across the country, Emily settled back on the East Coast and launched her public relations company out of her living room in 2011. 



 Our Team

Our team of award-winning content producers, PR professionals, digital marketing experts, and social media all-stars covers New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and points in between. They’ve created nationally-recognized work for national brands, and share a passion for using that expertise and experience to make a profound impact on local businesses.


Though the office has certainly changed, the mission has stayed the same: To help creative clients tell their stories in an informative, entertaining, and unique way... with just a kick of charm. 

When not working, cooking, or canning, Emily runs Good Food Pittsburgh, a site devoted to all of the good food that her hometown has to offer.